Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday Night

I absolutely love the Wednesday Night Bible Study at our church.  I can’t tell you how many times my week has been just sliding in the gutter on Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday nights I get some form of Wisdom through our study and it makes all the difference in my attitude and perspective.  When I die I don’t want my tomb stone to read she was stressed out and a good employee.  I want my life to mean so much more.  Most importantly I want my kids to know that I loved them and that I was a great mom to them.  I want my husband to know the good sides of me not the bad.  I want to express more of the good in me.  Sometimes that is hard to find.

 I will admit that when things don’t go my way I can get a nasty and negative attitude.  I have been working for years on the negative.  I remember once as a kid, I was probably ten years old, my parents had a boat and we were out fishing.  I can’t remember the circumstances as to what brought it up but I distinctly remember my dad telling me “Sue you are the most pessimistic person, you need to fix that”  I don’t even know if I knew at the time what that meant, but I remember it clearly.   I have used it almost as a crutch my whole life.  "Oh well I am just pessimistic that is just who I am". 

Now as an adult I am learning that It’s so draining to be negative.  It sure does not make my life more enjoyable,  nor it does it make my family’s life more enjoyable.   The Lord wants us to have Joy and I feel like this has been a work in progress in my life.  Of course as in true nature as soon as you decide to change something for the better you are constantly bombarded with circumstances that are going to test you  and try to break you.  That is just how the Devil works.  Over the last couple of years ( I can’t believe it has even been that long) I have been tested, I have been provoked, and I have failed more than I care to admit.  I am trying, I am trying to enjoy my life more and the people around me.  It is difficult not to get wrapped up in the negative and as my Pastor put last night " we accumulate junk...and we need pruning". As the saying goes Misery loves company.   So back to my clarity from last night’s Bible Study.  We are Studying the Book of John chapter 15 The Vine and the Branches.
“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful. 

As we were in conversation about what this passage means, I had a revelation that all the things I fight, the things that I am challenged by daily are all a part of my pruning processes.  Our pastor asked us last night if this passage would change how we react to those circumstances.  Would we be more compliant with the lessons learned and applying the biblical principals?  You may know the saying “WWJD?”  What would Jesus Do?    I have really never thought of it that way.  I have come as far as to tell myself that this is coming at me because I am trying to change, but sometimes I slip back into my old routine.  More so recently and I know it is a part of me that I need to continue to work on.  So to answer the question, YES.  Since I know that pruning is a part of the process to build my character to be more like that of Christ  then I don’t necessarily want more trouble to come my way but I will stop, remember this passage, dig deep and ask myself  WWJD?  Then try to respond appropriately because I know on the other end I will be better for it. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today is Ash Wednesday.  This is something that I never recognized growing up as a kid.  In fact as a child we rarely attended church despite the fact that my Grandfather and most of the men in my family are Preachers.   As an adult, I have had my challenges in life and have turned to the Bible to make sense of it all.   As a parent I feel a sense of responsibility to teach my children what took me 35 years to figure out.  That God is a loving God and does not just sit and judge us at our death. I started listening to Kenneth Copeland Ministries online which gave me a great understanding of what I was missing and helped put the pieces together. Then a couple of years ago I found a church in my area that I like and began going irregularly.  Since October I have been going pretty regularly and have really enjoyed going.  Our life is so busy this is the time on Sunday mornings I can sit and be still and just put the important things into perspective. Kind of like recharging my priorities in life each week.   I also enrolled our Daughter into the Awanas program on Wednesday Nights and she attends Sunday School Sunday mornings.    She likes it and at this age it is more play time with new friends, but she is getting the foundation lessons.  Wednesday Nights while she is in her program I attend the adult Bible Study led by our Pastor.   We have been studying the book of John and the days leading up to Jesus's Crucifixion.   I guess that is why this Easter just means so much more to me.  I don't want the kids growing up thinking that it is just about the Easter Bunny ,candy and gifts.  I really want them to understand the reason why we celebrate.  I just haven't figured out a really good way to do that yet because I also don't want to be one of those moms that shove religion down their throats.  I want them to have a good understanding so that they would love Jesus not feel that it is an obligation or to go through the motions without the emotions.
This year I decided that we should recognize Lent as a family.  So on Monday night at dinner I explained the reasoning the best I could.  I asked Riley what she thought would be a good thing to give up over the next 40 days.  She said chocolate milk,  Sean said Face book,  I suggested T.V. in the evening between 5pm - bedtime 8pm.  I explained this would give us more time to do things together as a family. Everyone was on board with that.   So when I came home yesterday Riley was already eager to turn off the T.V.   so we actually ended up starting a day early.  There is not much time that I get to spend with the kids as a working mom.  My Super Husband Sean is the stay at home parent.  I have been trying very hard to leave work on time but when I get home it is 5:30 or later and I only get to spend about 3 hours a day with the kids.  I want that time with them to be quality time.   So we did not have the T.V. on Monday night or Tuesday night.  We played outside, had dinner, did bath time, story time and played games as a family.  The kids also went to bed easier and on time.  I am going to document how the week's go and what we are learning through the process.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Week is Here

Thanksgiving week is here.  I have been looking forward to this week for a very long time. I scheduled the week off of work to spend the holiday at home with my family.  I have been thinking for the last month or so about this week. At first I was day dreaming of all the activities I could cram into the week with the kids. The more I thought about what I could do the stronger a thought came to me to just slow down and enjoy the moment. I really want to soak up this time with the kids and enjoy the Holiday.  We did a bit of shopping yesterday and we will be spending Thanksgiving day with my parents. It will be a nice week at home, but since we are staying home I am trying to make it special and not just a regular day at home. Ryan is at the age now where he is into everything, so I don't know when the tree will go up. More than likely closer to Christmas. However, since we can't really decorate our tree this year with all the glass ornaments, I think it would be super fun to have Riley help me craft some new ornaments this week that Ryan can't break.  Here are some ideas.

Paper stacked Christmas trees for pre-k

TUTORIAL Paper towel roll star ornaments for kids to, easy, light, and they actually are pretty!  You could also use just four petals for a different look...or maybe glue a bead on the end of each point and see what that looks like?

Coloured glass ornaments for kids to make!!

christmas ornaments to make | ... decorate for christmas this is also a simple project to make with kids

Fun to make for kids

I think it would be really cute and she would have a lot of fun doing them this week. So off to the craft store tomorrow for supplies.  Plus I really need to finish the quilt I have been working on for her this year.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Teaching a family when your not a teacher

So I missed the weekend with my writing every day.  I am trying to be more mindful of not missing a day but sometimes the day gets away from me completely.   I have though a lot about what I should write this week.  The theme that keeps coming to mind is what are we teaching our kids?   Now I am not talking about home school or ABC's.  I am talking about what kind of habits or life style are we teaching our children?  Sometimes we don't see who is watching us, but they are ...oh they are!.  For one in my house I have to watch what I say when I cannot do something someone else wants me to do. As an example I cannot say things like I can't run and play tag with you because my knees hurt, back hurts etc.   Why?  Because then when I ask my daughter to do something I hear the same excuses back.   So I know she is watching and learning from what I do and I am making a point to be a good example for her to follow.  I was lucky enough to witness a mom in action this weekend.  She wanted something from her son. She said please and thank you.  Later, he wanted something from her and he said please and thank you.   That interaction stayed in my mind.  Now as a parent it is hard to do the correct and polite thing 24 - 7, but that is what we have to do or at least be mindful of that they are watching and learning from what we do.   My challenge to myself this week is to make a list of what I catch myself doing that I would not want them to do. Then I will formulate a plan to change my actions.  Change doesn't start in a blink of an eye.. at least I can start an awareness and begin change from there.  


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peaceful Evening

It is a Peaceful evening in the house.  Both children are in bed...not asleep yet but in bed.  It is hard being a working mom. Sometimes I feel like I live in two different worlds.  The work world and my family world.  I have tried to separate the two and give all I have to each during the day. The most rewarding is by far my family.  Being the best mom that I can be with both my children and the best wife I can be to my husband.  I hope in the end I have made all the right choices and my children feel as though I have always been there for them.  I guess it all comes down to balance between the two.  Some days you just have to throw the schedules out the window and have fun with the family, sometimes you just need to stop and appreciate the right now.  That's what I am doing tonight. Taking joy in the right now.  I have heard it said that you should set aside time each day to be with your thoughts and reflect on life.  Who actually takes time to do this?  It is important to take account of our blessings. All too often we are verbally stating our complications in life.. yet how many times do we verbally take account of what is right and good.  Tonight family is what is right and good.  I am blessed to have a healthy family, to have a home to live in, clothes to wear and food to eat.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love is Patient ~ Love is Kind

This verse keeps coming up in my heart and I realized today why.  My daughter is five years old. Sometimes it is hard to remember that the girl who "gets me" is only five. I tend to put adult expectations on her to know to have a sense of urgency when we are trying to get ready in the morning and we are under a time crunch to make it out the door and to school and work on time.  I know I expect her to hold still while I brush her hair, or not dance around when she brushes her teeth, or to not drop food on the floor when she is eating at the table.  I have that "get the job done" attitude with her.  This verse keeps bubbling up everywhere I go and I caught myself this morning and heard this verse loud and clear in my head this morning right when I was getting frustrated. "Love is patient, Love is Kind".  I want my children to remember me as a kind and loving mother. Not a frustrated mom who is always on their back about something.  So I am holding this verse close to my heart.  I want to teach my children to walk in love and the best way to do that is by example.  So for those of you who may be running out of patience...before you speak out loud in frustration recite this verse. "Love is Patient, love is kind"

PTA update....I made the board and our first meeting is next week.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Day Challenge

I am linking up over at 31 Day Challenge over at the Nester  This is my first link up and I am very excited about it.  The 31 day challenge is about writing for the month of October every day about one topic.  Great challenge for me since I tend to be inconsistent at best and a little all over the map,  I like this though because I will have a focus of what to write about. Sine my blog is all about the Ramblings of a working mom my topic is on Family Life which I am very excited since I have all these great ideas coming to mind.  For now I will just get you spun up on what is happening here in our little world.

It's starting to feel like Fall here is South Florida, I am sure it doesn't feel like Fall to anyone who knows a true Winter Season.  For us it is a change in the pattern of the sun, a little cooler mornings and evenings and we do have leaves that change color, just not as brilliant as the those in the upper states.  This is our first year with a child in Kindergarten and I have to say life is busy.  We are a month in a half into the school year and doing great.  I have signed up to be a member of the newly founded PTA at the school. I can't help but want to be involved. The school has not had a PTA in two years.  I always imagined myself as the soccer mom yet I thought things would also be much different having kids than they are.   With a full time job that is very demanding and a home business that is flourishing in the Fall season, I may get a little stressed at not having enough time to do it all. The board elections are tonight and I am very excited about the opportunity to be a part of something that is going to make a real impact on my community.  Not only for my child but for all the kids at the school.  There is a lot of opportunity for improvement from fundraising to programs and activities.  I know it will be a lot of work and practically everyone I have spoken to about this has told me not to do it and that PTA usually brings a lot of bickering and is  a lot of work.  I just have not looked at it this way. I know it will be a lot of work, I know not everyone will agree one hundred percent of the time, but this school is where my child spends the better part of her day and I want it to be the best school it can possibly be for her. If that takes my dedication then so be it.  On the flip side I will be very busy, with a home based business I have parties and events scheduled for October, we are organizing a garage sale, upcoming Holidays, and I have regular work where I have just had a change in my boss this past week.  Luckily my new boss is a good friend and co worker so I am excited about her promotion however it adds more twists to my work day and I find the time slipping away.  Balancing work a business and Family isn't always easy but it is always a adventure.